Michael Carroll is the author of The Mindful Leader and Awake at Work, Michael lead a discussion on how to pursue success while creating a workplace that inspires everyone. How do we rediscover vital talent that can make the difference, this is how we need to lead our organizations and our lives.

Here are some of the takeaways from the conversation:

– Humbling welcome by thanking the members of eBay (host of the event) for the work we do.

– Asked the room how many people meditate about 20% of the room

– Ability to attend to tasks increases through the use of meditation

– Ultimately he wants to answer the question of why is meditation important in any organization.

– Ask yourself the question “At work what do you want to be …” the answers should include happy, effective, respected, professional, engaged and successful – free, inspire others, smart, creative.

– Michael says aspirations are wishful thinking. What we ultimately want is to be is confident which allows us to engage in all situations regardless of the outcome.

– Confidence only starts to explain what we are really trying to answer.

– Vulnerability is the core of confidence and this is what we try to attain. The competency of vulnerability is the key to successful leadership.

– Discussion just before the meditation leads to effort of always trying to get somewhere we forget how to be somewhere. We are always trying to be something else success, happy, sad, confident. We forget about the comfort around us.

– In order to be mindful of where we are it helps to meditate.

– You are not trying to get somewhere you are simply finding the wisdom of self-awareness. Find out who you are and what you are and this becomes emotional intelligence. Social intelligence and other benefits like respect, community.

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