For the past few years eBay has made investments to improve the viability of informational content. Recently our team upgraded the guides platform with a new design and improved editor for creating guides. I encourage all eBay users to participate in the guides community. There are many benefits, including the ability to show related merchandise you are selling on guides you create.

eBay Guides Editor
eBay Guides Editor

In general the platform has already made big strides in becoming a destination for informational and research content. One way we are achieving this goal is by creating eBay-authored guides. These guides provide professional direction and advice to eBay buyers on everything from “how to’s (How to Buy a Laptop),” “top 10” (Top 10 Laptops of 2013) and general information on products and categories which interest both new and current shoppers. Another example is our How to Buy a Grill guide which provides an overview on purchasing a summer essential.

Buying guides can vary in level of complexity. For example, before you think about purchasing a riding mower read our guide, as it will reveal indispensable tips you should know before making a large purchase. You will be pointed towards factors to consider, such as terrain and size of the lawn, the types of mowers as well as the work they can handle. You will even find in-depth details on features of the mowers, such as multiple speeds, quick braking, blade height adjustment, maintenance indicator and gas-level indicators. This information is essential for helping shoppers better understand how to purchase an item such as a riding lawn mower.

Lastly, the eBay guides offer specific details about buying these products on eBay. One example is the guide on leaf blowers which walks through all the necessary information and details related to buying on eBay.

Give the platform a try! It is a perfect resource for learning more before making an important purchase.


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