Look, this is not a plea for humiliation to one of the greatest head coaches in football history. This is a simple request from a big fan. Why? Because someone has to stand up for all the pain and feelings that Packer fans are enduring. Trust me, I understand that everyone is struggling with this loss including the coaches and players. However, when you break it all down, sports will always be about the fans. Without them, the sport is dead.

As I write this email I start to tear up. Just thinking about Sunday’s game makes me feel so confused and the outcome only brings me down. This is the first reason why an apology is the only appropriate way to recover from this place. I am confused about so much; many of the concepts cannot be explained. For example, why was Clay Matthews not playing during the last few defensive series? Regardless of the reason, it made no sense because he played during the overtime. Why did we start playing so conservatively on offenses during the 4th quarter? The questions are endless, many of them being asked by the media. We can respond to them but the choice is so confusing. It just twists your head and you cannot think clearly anymore. I am sure that everyone is feeling this way, fans, players, coaches and even the dreadful media. As you may know, Packer fans pride themselves on knowing the sport, not just being blind followers of a team. How is it that this happened? There is no easy explanation, only an apology will do. You say you have no regrets, but you should have something to say to all you’re dedicated fans.

Mike McCarthy Seattle Loss
Mike McCarthy

I agree with everything in this article about Mike McCarthy, including the idea of him being Vince Lombardi status among coaches. The media wants to pin the problem on a single player but in reality Bostick is not to blame. He is falling on a sword but let’s replay the last seven minutes of the game. We had both offensive and defensive opportunities to close out the game. Mike, you even highlighted these opportunities in this game, all before the onside kick was even attempted. Mike, I’d just like an apology for these misgivings and for letting go of the pressure when we had an opponent already down.

Like many of the people reading this article you have been a Packer fan since childhood. One of my earliest memories was wearing my heavy winter Packer jacket during games for good luck. When the game was getting close I would even put my hood on! This was all happening in August during pre-season games, thus I was sweating right through my clothes. This is not an uncommon story; this is just how we feel about our team (and city). Sunday’s game is just a single low point and Packer fans will rise up from this event. However, like any relationship, low points have a turning point which is often met with an apology. It is a simple “I’m Sorry” and we let you down on Sunday. From here, I could really start to feel better from what may be the most hurtful loss in Packer history.

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