Recently I was quoted on for our work around creating infographics. It is never easy turning content viral but working with the team at eBay we have been able to create stories that have been shared globally. We are always looking for better ways to evolve our stories but sometimes looking at our success is a welcomed outlook on our future.

From the article: Thank you AJ KUMAR for sharing our story.

Use infographics. 
Visually appealing infographics are among some of the most frequently shared types of online content as most people would rather learn through engaging imagery than long paragraphs of text.

To harness the power of infographics, look for recent studies you can pull data from or try to combine data in new and distinctive ways. For instance, eBay. com’s Jordan Koene shares infographics displaying Star Wars sales data on eBay was a hit simply because no one had compiled this information before and displayed it in such a visually engaging manner.

Here is one of the Star Wars gaphics we distributed in Germany:


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