I wanted to share a few videos I recently did for the eBay Partner Network blog. You might find the information useful as the topics cover general SEO best practices and Do’s and Dont’s.

Explaining the Importance of Content and Link Audits | Published: 7/12/2012

Affiliate Publisher and the Google Penguin Update | Published: 6/26/2012

eBay Partner Network (Affiliate) SEO-related info: do’s and dont’s, nofollow, follow, cloaking, redirects, amount of outgoing links on one page. | Published: 5/29/2011

Importance of External Linking | Published: 5/9/2012

Affiliate Best Practices and Schema.org | Published: 4/4/2012

Tips for Better Affiliate SEO | Published: 10/4/2011

Importance of SEO for Affiliates | Published: 9/27/2011

One thought on “Videos on eBay Partner Network Blog

  1. Good basic stuff – still, a lot of newbies get it wrong. Especially with this issue of “duplicate content” – people try to create very thin sites mostly stuffed with eBay links, pictures etc. and very little of their own content. But that stuff just doesn’t work – Google has been slapping those kinds of site since way before Panda…

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