Hello… I am the Head of SEO leading our content efforts at eBay. I focus on content efforts to improve natural search while working with our product teams to build a better experience. Some of my work include fun activities like infographics, a few examples are iPad 2 Global sales, eBay Star Wars data and the most expensive cars sold online. Along with this creative content work, I have many contributions to eBay’s social media efforts, helping build various blogs. Blogs I have worked on include eBay Motors Blog, eBay Collectors and eBay Stories.

Previously, I have worked with e-commerce start-ups and small businesses. I also enjoy working with aspiring tech innovations and helping websites find success sources of online traffic.

Other Projects

I work on various side project including SEO and social media. I am also passionate about wine and enjoy both making and partaking in the wine business. I have made my own wine for about 4 years and share many stories about this process. Topic that I write about:

  • Better content for SEO
  • Search Engines and Traffic
  • Data Visualization
  • Wine Stories
  • Food and Dinning
  • San Francisco
  • The Green Bay Packers

—– Previous Bio —–

As a self-directed and motivated leader I have been able to take advantage of opportunities in the growing field of technology and marketing. My experiences and background range from developing marketing initiatives to creating and financing small businesses. I have started various businesses including MyLibros.com which operates online as a Spanish book store. I have also worked on Web DMM a consulting effort and Radial50 a IOS app which provide opportunities in my spare time. Other notable qualities include being a native Spanish speaker, refined business confidence and business development in e-commerce and marketing. I am a creative problem solver and excellent team player with a business background which is focused, energetic and goal orientated.

Check out some of my notable projects on this blog or on my social media profiles.

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